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Emergency Hotline Numbers: A Friendly Reminder to all Filipinos in Czech Republic

Filipinos are known as resilient and hard working. That’s why we are in demand to a lot of foreign employers. This is recently supported by Petr Fiala, the Prime Minister of Czech Republic, who visited our country last April 17, 2023, as part of his 10-day Asian Tour,...

UP Concert Chorus Performed in Prague, Czechia

The UP Concert Chorus, or Korus UPCC, recently traveled to Europe from the “Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic.” The University of the Philippines Concert Chorus European tour titled “Musikadasig 25th International Goodwill Cultural...

Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage Team Building 2024

Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage celebrated a practice that enriches the deeper relationship between employees and employers through team-building activity. This way, both parties may better grasp teamwork and be good team players. Team building is critical...

Don’t Sign the Contract if you Do Not Understand the Terms

Credit: This article aims to specify an enhanced understanding of the laws and regulations about employment contracts. An employment contract could become a complex narrative because what is written in the text is not understood due to its clauses...

The Philippine Ambassador’s Message to Filipino

On June 15th, the Philippine Embassy in Prague celebrated the 126th Philippine Independence Day at the Grand Majestic Plaza Hotel. The said event was headed by Ambassador Eduardo Meñez, the Consul General of the Philippine Embassy, Indhira Bañares, and the Philippine...

Celebrating 126th Philippine Independence Day

Today is one of the Philippines' most critical and remarkable calendar events, celebrating its independence and freedom from the Spaniards. Spain colonized the Philippines for 333 years, from 1565 to 1898. Before the Spanish colonial era, the Philippines was...

Festival of the Embassies in Prague 2024

Filipinos Igorot Dance Photo credit by:Philippine Embassy Photo credit by:Philippine Embassy Filipino Snacks BoothPhoto credit by:Philippine Embassy Grilling Station from Pinoys.czPhoto credit by: Philippine Embassy The Festival of the Embassy in Prague was freshly...

State Visit of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr to Prague

There are various reasons why a country's president visits another country. These may differ for political or diplomatic agendas, examining possible trade and investment for their country, addressing labor law of their workforce, cultural exchange, strategic...

Are You still a Filipino National?

The perks of becoming a national of another country apart from a Filipino citizen are highly refreshing. We cannot deny that holding multiple citizenships is a constructive advantage for many, especially if you live in your spouse's or partner’s country. You may...

The Czech Republic Strike Gold on Home Ice after 15 years

Ice hockey is more than just a game. It is a powerful catalyst for unity and personal growth. It's a source of entertainment and inspiration, a platform for honing social skills, and a way to foster teamwork. How did Ice Hockey start in the Czech Republic? The journey...

What are the Benefits of holding a Balikbayan Visa as a Filipino?

Many inquiries from our fellow Kababayan regarding the Balikbayan Visa and the confusion between the Balikbayan Visa and Balikbayan itself as a Filipino or former Filipino citizen. Some Filipinos need help pinpointing or understanding the purpose and the beneficial...

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