Meet the Founder of Pinoy Care

Non-Profit Organization
Eden Pohan
Business Owner
Founder of Pinoy Care

Pinoy Care is a non-profit organization. The objective is to have an open, healthy relationship through (Kinship with Kababayan) Filipinos in the Czech Republic. The Kinship revolves around forming a strong alliance between the Filipino community and comradeship with the locals of the Czech Republic. Thus, the Pinoy Care goal is to create a foundation. A Non-profit organization that becomes the helpline for every Filipino in the Czech Republic to be their safeguard and source of the helpline in case consequences arise in the future while living abroad. Despite being far from each love-ones in the Philippines, Pinoy Care aims to suit the homesick feelings of the kababayan by constructing various resources from sports, leagues, and social gatherings and helping Filipinos integrate into the Czech Republic.

Pinoy Care in Czechia targets to offer essential local news back in the Philippines from politics, fashion, technology, lifestyle, and economy. Also, to be updated with the trends around the Philippines. Moreover, Pinoy Care aims to give the Filipino community fundamental legal rights in receiving correct assumptions in taking their legality to work abroad, from applying for a particular work visa to the possibility of changing employers and exercising freedom of movement with the law. Nonetheless, Pinoy Care’s only viewpoint is to deliver the Filipino community, mostly Overseas Filipino Workers in the Czech Republic, to a healthy lifestyle enabling them to remain fit from mental state to physical health and, most essential, to keep the community’s faith strong.

Thus, this non-profit organization’s founding soul pushes to shape the Pinoy Care community in the Czech Republic to become a reality. Eden Pohan is a Filipino national residing in the Czech Republic since 2010. Eden Pohan is certified in massage therapies. Eden Pohan is a successful entrepreneur on the path of Health and Wellness in the Czech Republic, owning a few branches of Massage Salon around Prague.

Eden Pohan’s journey is an inspiration to take in and view as a motivational road map. So, anyone can produce their own success story in the future. Eden Pohan soars up hard to grasp her goal to build her empire and share her success story with everyone. However, to Eden Pohan, despite the successful profession in her thriving business Eden longed for a tool to help people. Eden desires to build a helpline bridge for kababayan living in the Czech Republic. Therefore, Mrs. Pohan constructed the concept of Pinoy Care with the full support of her husband, a Czech national and the co-founder of Pinoy Care.

As a busy entrepreneur, Eden Pohan realized that the development of building Pinoy Care in the Czech Republic had become quite a hurdle without additional people to help them make Pinoy Care a non-profit organization in the Czech Republic. Therefore, Eden Pohan needs to hire more hands a much broader, so Pinoy Care comes into reality promptly. Nonetheless, Eden Pohan’s founded her Team with Jan Machovic, a Czech national, and Ariel Funa Filipino citizen living in the Czech Republic. Jan and Ariel, holding a vital role in Pinoy Care as board members, to assists in building the Pinoy Care community in the Czech Republic, carrying the same goal of accomplishing a successful and reachable helpline to create healthy relationships with Filipinos living in the Czech Republic.