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The Philippines is known as Asia’s Pearl of the Orientrich in culture, gorgeous beaches, and hospitable vibrant people. It is near the equator and resides in the Pacific Ocean, which produces warmer weather, either wet or dry, throughout the year. Additionally, the Philippines is rich in picturesque from its unique landscape surrounded by over 7,000 islands. With all said, tourists worldwide are traveling to the Philippines, which is rising yearly, to experience a unique cultural mix-up with fascinating authenticity from tradition, food, and a reasonable lifestyle that everyone can benefit from.

However, average Filipinos in the Philippines hardly travel to their backyard to see how beautiful the Philippines is. Why? 

According to Kuya Berto (Mr.Berto.), a fisherman who lives on one of the stunning islands of Cebu, he exclaimed that he could hardly step on the city landmarks of Cebu. That he never took a single holiday since he could remember. For the fact that he cannot afford to send himself to the city landmarks. Due to expensive public transportation and other expenses to enjoy a day in the city, it is simply not worth it! Kuya Berto exclaimed that he preferred to buy Bigas rice and ulam food for his family rather than go to the town and have fun.

Ulam in Filipino or food

Ate Jenny (Mrs.Jenny) said, “Taking a holiday for her and her family is staying in their house and watching television or doing the laundry instead.”

Kuya Badong stated that he is not allowed to take a holiday because if he will not work even for a day, his family has no food! So, taking a vacation is not an option for him. 

The names above are just the three average Filipino lifestyles of the millions in the Philippines forced to work daily. Otherwise, their family will suffer without a meal on their table if they stop working even on a single day. 

On the contrary, the Czech Republic’s citizens contradict the idea of Kuya Berto, Ate Jenny, and Kuya Badong. The Czechs value their holiday, regardless of what kind of holiday it is, whether it is just around the corner or requires public transportation. It is a vital moment for them! Most Czechs plan their vacation ahead of time for them to prepare, and everything should be set. So they start saving for their vacation, whether it requires expenses.

 For the average Czechs, a holiday is a luxury rather than buying a material thing. So, a Czech family goes on a hike, mushroom picking, camping in the woods, picnic by the river, laying blankets by the park, biking in the countryside, or reads a book under the sun. It all matters. 

Czechs relaxing under the sun

With that said, reading the definition of what vacation is all about between the average Filipino and the average Czech is different. The mindset and the answer of the Czech and the Filipino are quite the opposite. 

How about you? How do you measure your holiday? Are you siding with the average Czech definition that holidays for them consider biking by the countryside? Or are you on the side of an average Filipino as a critical analogy is as practical as it is financially wise?

What is the difference between these average Filipinos and average Czechs? Both hardworking citizens work on the farm, and the other is a fisherman. Both people work for their families. Or should the word vacation not be measured by an expense rather than the quality of activities to strengthen family ties? What do you think?

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