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Under the crime investigators or the Organization of Cybercrime Defamation Security, the Czech Republic broadened its duty to solve cybercrime cases nationwide and across the neighboring countries and correspond with other countries involved in the Czech Republic cybercrime Defamation case. Therefore, the law of the Czech Republic is specific on how the government fosters a case involved with cybercrime with its detailed and distinct clauses. 

According to Police investigators in the Czech Republic, Cybercrime is defined as a criminal activity made by citizens to intentionally develop a detrimental crime to its victim using an instrument between a computer and the internet. Once a computer and the internet are set, the essential and personal data of the victim is used as the materials to implement a cybercrime by the crime actor. Actors found guilty of cybercrime, and defamation will face charges and possibly behind bars

The Benefits of social Media 

Social Media is an immense tool to boost the marketing strategy of every entrepreneur, E-Commerce and a better tool to connect people across the world. Also, a better way to provide awareness from health, financial, business, friendship, and more tactical planning is to reach broader traffic through social media. 

The Consequence of Misuse of Social Media: Offense against Cybercrime and Defamation

An illegal misuse of social media can lead to a  case of cybercrime or defamation, often causing a danger detrimental to the possible victim (the Plaintiff). People sometimes forget to control themselves, intentionally fraud, disrespect others’ lives, or publicly shame a victim. Some Social Media users may lose control to respect fellowmen with integrity and treat them civil. 

Freedom of Expression under the United Nations of Human Rights and the European Human Rights Law

Generally, everyone has their legal right to express their opinions or  Freedom of Expression under the United Nations Fundamental Human Rights and the European Convention on Human Rights, which promote the rights of women, children, minorities, and displaced persons. However, the law states that every opinion is entitled without hatred and discrimination, which frequently causes Freedom of Expression to become abused and abolishes the legally correct meaning of the text. Driving hurtful words, threatening people, wrong accusations, bullying, unacceptable criticism, name-calling, and misleading information. People who lose control become emotional, which leads emotions to say against the other. And those unethical words could be a key to ruining that person’s reputation. Therefore, an actor who posted those hurtful words using the instrument of social media committed this defamation crime. If guilty, your victim can file a dispute against you for violating his/her legal rights under the Czech Law of  Criminal Defamation or Insult Laws, also known as Libel Law. 

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Where to report a defamation dispute?

Before reporting a defamation or libel case, scrutinize the area of the said malevolent wording first as a fair fact of the evidence. Plaintiffs have various ways to address public shaming, blocking the defendant’s social media and reporting her/his social media profile to the founder of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. Nevertheless, the plaintiff can proceed to the legal procedure to file a dispute against the actor who created misleading information or violated defamation rights against her reputation. The plaintiff can file a defamation case at the nearest local police station or any of the law enforcement agencies (orgány činné v trestním řízení – OČT) in the Czech Republic. “Whose duty is to assess whether the conditions that classify an act as a crime have been fulfilled and whether it is necessary to follow the appropriate steps according to the Criminal Procedure Code.”

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Sanctions of Defamation or Libel Law

Even if the malicious public shamming done by the defendant is a fact and correct, remember that no one is entitled to shame you publicly. This case should be validated and examined well if the intention is to create Good Faith rather than public shaming. The government official of the Czech Republic, the Organization for Security in the Czech Republic, and the court will scrutinize this case if it does fall into a Defamation case.  Once the scrutinization of the defamation dispute ends and punishment is up. The defendant is likely to face imprisonment, fines, or pay the reputation damage of the plaintiff. Also, prohibition may be subject given to the defendant. 

Be mindful; respect with integrity may always prevail in our daily lives. Apply freedom of expression without shaming no one in public. Pinoy Care advises you to be careful to avoid Defamation disputes.

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