The Czech Republic has grown since it became independent through a diplomatic treaty with the Slovak Republic in 1993. Since then, the Czech Republic has been booming from its market economy and financial stability. Also, the Czech Republic lingers to design its names locally and internationally across the European Union to other countries.

One of the reasons why the Czech Republic is well known is because of its unique, efficient, comprehensive, competitive, engaging, secure, reasonable price, and friendly Public Transportation that runs around the Czech Republic throughout the neighboring countries. The Operation of the Czech Railway Transportation was “first launched in 1828 to connect the border track of the country from the South Bohemian České Budëjovice and Linz in Austria where the launch was the very first railway track in the European continent.”

Today, the Czech Republic is recognized as having Europe’s best public transportation system. According to the Prague Morning, over a million passengers use the metro/subway/underground train daily as the primary mains of transportation inside and outside Prague. Buses, trams, and trains in the metro are the country’s primary daily transporter of commuters. Prague, the Czech Republic’s capital, is the country’s busiest and largest city.

Who Operates Public Transportation in Prague?

Buses, Trains, and Trams is run by the Prague Public Transit Company Co. Inc. (Czech: Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy a.s. [cs], DPP). In addition, most public transportation in Prague is operated by DPP, such as the Funicular ride in Petrin Hill, the chairlift in the Prague Zoo, and more. 

Metro/Subway or Underground Train in Prague

The Metro in Prague operates from 5 in the morning until midnight seven days a week. The Metro in Prague is user-friendly and easy to understand. As a tourist in Prague, you can easily understand when using each of the Metro lines.

The Metro consists of only three lines. Line A Green, Line B Yellow, and Line C Red. 

There are 17 stations in Line A (green) starting from North-West to the East, with about 17.13 Kilometers from Nemocnice Motol to Dipo Hostivař, roughly a 30-minute Train ride. The Green Line A connects to the Yellow Line station at Müstek and the Muzeum station for Red Line C. 

Line B (yellow) has 24 stations. The Yellow Line B connects Mustek station, green Line A, and Florence station for the Red Line C. Line B starts from Zlićin station and ends at Černÿ Most. The travel time from the head to the end line of line B is about 42 minutes and is 26 kilometers long.

Line C (red) The red line has 20 stations with about 35 minutes of travel time, 22.42 Kilometers long, passing through the North to the South of Prague from Letňany to Háje. Line C connects Muzeum Station green line A and Florence Station for yellow line B. 

Trams Public Transportation in Prague

Besides the Metro Train or underground public transportation, Tramway is also a great source of getting inside Prague. The Trams run from 4:30 in the morning until midnight seven days a week. The timetable of the Trams runs every minute during rush hours, every 4 minutes for such a famous tram, between 8-10 minutes during regular hours, and also every 15 minutes during the weekends. After midnight, alternative bus services are running, or timetable trams are every 20-30 minutes. 

Photo credit to Yen
Various Trams numbers.

Trams have their designated routes which recognize by their Tram numbers. The most famous and busiest Tram is Tram 22, which brings you to the center of Prague (Prague Castle or Pražský Hrad) Tram stop. To find which tram number to hop on, please check the DPP site for more information. 

Photo credit to Yen
Tram 22 brings you uphill to the Prague Castle Pražský Hrad stop.

Buses in Prague

The bus in the Czech Republic is pretty accessible and user-friendly. Mostly the bus in Prague travels outside the city center or brings you to the nearest metro station defends to its route. Within the Prague zone, your tickets for the metro and tram are covered on the bus. However, beyond the city limits of Prague, the additional fare for bus tickets charge may be applicable. 

Pinoy Care wishes you the best of times while visiting The Czech Republic, mainly Prague’s capital. Stay safe and be vigilant as always. 

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