By Law, the Czech Republic requires individuals to have valid Health Insurance. Czech nationals, foreigners, students, short-term residents, long-term residents, or even tourists must have valid travel insurance to be in the Czech Republic.

Individuals with Health Insurance have a substantial advantage in managing unexpected overhead medical costs. Therefore, holding Health Insurance is like owning a profitable investment in a part of the stock market that could produce a highly positive effect in the long run. It is the same as having Health Insurance as a single individual because Health Insurance can be a source to secure financial health stability in case of need.

Having the right Health Insurance is a security that helps Health Insurance holders avoid having enormous debt due to high medical costs after hospitalization, medication costs, and Doctor’s fee. In an optimistic view holding the right  Health Insurance is critical to managing the financial risk of an individual. The benefits of holding Health Insurance vary to a holder’s Health Insurance plans, from Private Health Insurance to Public health Insurance holders. Health Insurance also serves the locals and the foreigner of the country.

PVZP (Všeobecná zdravotní pojišťovna) is the most customarily consumed in the Czech Republic, not just the Czech Citizens but also caters to foreigners for student visas and maternity health insurance. PVZP covers various services differs on the contract or the type of service a person may get. Also, it categorizes a person’s age and the health insurance’s purpose, such as for pregnancy, student, tourist, family reunion, work, or even for dangerous sports. Correspondingly, the length of the health insurance service is stipulated in the contract agreement. 

Photo Credit to Pojistovna VZP Cz.

The Insurance Basic Terms and Conditions

For Foreigners, it is critical to analyze the terms and conditions of the provision of the Health Insurance you are about to purchase before signing the contract agreement between the parties. The best way to start is to check the condition of the basic inclusion types of service, such as basic general checkups, hospitalization, treatment, doctors’ fee, medicine, dental checkup, and reimbursement, if possible. The following essential to check upon signing the agreement of the Czech health Insurance is if surgery is covered and if this Insurance covers travel insurance or if your Insurance is valid outside of European Union.

Valid Health Insurance fully complies with the Act on the Residency of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic under no. 326/1999 Annex.

Get the most out of your Insurance.

Once you obtain basic health insurance coverage in the Czech Republic, please do yourself a favor. To have yourself a general checkup at least once every year or if you think your lifestyle is not healthy such as health-wise, please consider visiting your GP General Practitioner and request for a complete checkup from a blood test, urine test, stool test, eye checkup, see your dentist, request for abdominal sonogram check and more. Remember you are paying your Health Insurance monthly, so take advantage of it. Don’t wait before it’s too late, or only visit your doctor when feeling sick. Taking care of yourselves is the only great gift you can supply for yourselves otherwise, it is too late for you to catch up. Your health insurance covers basic checks and tests. You don’t need to pay extra but give yourself the effort to travel to your doctor. So please, Kabayan, get the most out of your Czech health insurance as you pay that service monthly. As an Insurance Health holder, you must obtain what’s in the contract agreement. Get the most out of your Health Insurance and care for your precious health. No one will take care of you but yourself. 

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