Depression is the most common mental health condition that primarily deteriorates lives because this mental health disorder could disrupt everyone’s daily routines. If Depression cannot be heard, it will end up in a complex problematic state that may demand a high volume of attention that needs to be heard, understood, and helped.

What causes Depression?

Any factor may trigger Depression. Depending on a situation such as an uncontrolled situation like a financial crisis, family matters inside the house, pressure and stress at work, jobless, unwanted pregnancy, grief, loneliness, going through a divorce or marital issues, being far away from family like the OFW or Overseas Filipino Workers, lack of family support, and more.

Who can have Depression?

No one can skip Depression. Females, males, and adults, young children may develop Depression even at a young age. According to the statistics, out of 10 people in the Philippines, one suffers from Depression. According to the statistics of the Czech Republic, it came out that 7% of the Czech population showed depression symptoms, and under 10% think of serious suicidal thoughts to end their existence. Recently, Data released by the Czech Association of Health and Insurance Companies confirmed that the number of Czech Insurance users had tripled seeking mental health doctors, and people taking antidepressants has gone up to 6 times in the country, which is alarming.

Recently, the world has gone through a Depression during the Pandemic Era or COVID-19, which left the world with a drastic change of adverse perspective. Worldwide, the economic state went down, and many lost their jobs and had too much debt. COVID-19 forces families to be disconnected for long periods, and plans have had to change; businesses went through bankruptcy, and online school has become more challenging for most students, causing students to need more confidence in communication and stress for lock-in home studies only. Therefore, anxiety climbed up due to uncertainties impacted by the pandemic.

Depression Symptoms:

Lack of energy in daily routine, hopelessness, loss of weight, sleep problems, no focus, and sadness without reason. Also, potentially talking about harming themselves is one of the primary symptoms of Depression.

On the other hand, as Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW), Kababayans have a higher vulnerability for anxiety due to jumping to a foreign country, new job, new environment, new climate, cultural differences, and language barriers, which can lead to anxiety. Therefore, Depression may be triggered by seclusion, being far from family for the first time.

A possible way to avoid Depression as an OFW

Being an OFW, jumping to a foreign country is quite an impediment. However, you can recover by finding your way to an enjoyable and active community like the Czech Republic. Functional communities like Pinoy Care Non-profit Organizations emphasize making the Filipino Community into exciting activities such as Filipino parties, sports events, and gatherings. In addition, other groups go for food trips, occasional travel trips, or a simple Sunday church followed by a simple Salo-Salo at the Filipino community church led by a Filipino Priest Father. Iman in the St. Thomas parish at Malá Strana in Prague 1.

You don’t have to be alone, Kabayan; find your way to be active, meet new friends, explore the new country you are in right now, exercise, enjoy and study the culture, try international food, learn the language, meet the locals, go out and don’t be afraid of trying the new chapter of your lives. Keep your time exciting, and always remember to be optimistic.

Always remember to be happy and worry no more to avoid Depression, keep your anxiety away, and stay healthy. If you need more help, visit the Philippine Embassy in Prague and the Non-Profit Organization Pinoy Care of the Czech Republic.