Filipino cuisine is renowned for its bold flavors, vibrant colors, and diverse ingredients. From adobo to pancit to lechon, Filipino food offers something for everyone. As the Filipino community in Europe and the Czech Republic continues to grow, so does the availability and popularity of Filipino cuisine.

One of the best things about Filipino food is its adaptability. Traditional Filipino dishes are combined with local ingredients and flavors in countries around the world, creating unique and delicious creations. In major European cities, Filipino restaurants and food markets are popping up, offering both Filipinos and non-Filipinos the opportunity to sample the flavors of the Philippines.

In the Czech Republic, there are already several Filipino restaurants, with Pinoy Club being the most famous, although it has unfortunately been closed for some time. However, small shops like Pinoy Taste of Asia on the Prague 1 still offer a chance to savor Filipino favorites.

Apart from restaurants, there are also Filipino food markets that provide a wide range of Filipino ingredients and snacks. These markets are a great resource for Filipinos who want to cook traditional dishes at home while also offering an opportunity for non-Filipinos to try new ingredients and flavors.

We recommend shops such as Pinoy Store – or Pinoy Taste of Asia.

However, Filipino cuisine is not limited to restaurants and markets. Many Filipinos come together for meals and events where they share traditional dishes with each other and their non-Filipino friends. These gatherings not only allow Filipinos to connect with their culture and heritage but also give others the opportunity to appreciate and experience Filipino food.

In conclusion, Filipino cuisine is gaining popularity in Europe and the Czech Republic. From traditional restaurants to food markets to community gatherings, there are numerous ways to experience the bold and vibrant flavors of Filipino food. If you’re in the area, don’t miss out on the chance to try these unique and delicious dishes!