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A decade after World War 1 tumble-down the world economy, the life of each citizen around the globe has left with nothing but anguish. The Philippines is among the hundreds of countries that took a tool, and despite the impact of the great depression, Filipinos picked up their broken pieces to stand again. Though, it has been a tough road to recovery. The Philippines has maintained its great attitude and perseverance to look for better upgrades for the country’s benefit.

In the second decade, back in the 1900s, the Philippines discovered a method to quickly receive daily news and effortlessly distribute this tool around the Philippines from Luzon, Visayas to Mindanao. The first Magazine in the Philippines was called “LIWAYWAY”, founded by Ramon Roses in 1922. Liwayway became a well-known newsletter and the only source after it was released. The publishing magazines still serve the country as one of the newsletter resources in the Tagalog dialect.

The first Magazine in the Philippines in 1922

A year passed, and various fresh publishing news companies came up. They are trying to provide the same goal with their upgraded strategy, enhanced technology, and better text. Plus, it highlights commercializing attractive products for the people and consumers to emerge into, hooking up to the new emerging system. Filipinos hook up these magazines in the Philippines somehow, and it became an inspiration that promises tons of vibrant production when it collaborated well! Because it is a bridge of sources to improvise consumers’ lifestyles, fashion, and knowledge worldwide, reading a magazine to kill time while on public transportation is essential. Without further ado, magazines have become Filipinos’ source of inspiration to motivate them as their guidance on a day-to-day basis.

Nowadays, Filipinos are obsessed inspired by the following magazines across the country. And readers intended to sign up for the newsletter to remain updated. In addition, many Filipinos subscribed to their favorite specific Magazine monthly to have their copy of that month. These Filipino subscribers are willing to pay their monthly subscription so they won’t miss out on the new monthly release from that publishing company. 

One of the most popular magazines in the Philippines is Vogue Philippines. Highlights fashion, beauty, lifestyle, newsletter, and shopping that commercialized products that are eyeful catching. Vogue Philippines primarily covers local and international stories from across the continent.

Vogue Philippines

FHM Magazine is a local magazine in the Philippines. It highlights the sexy figure and gorgeous faces of a woman. Therefore, the highest number of consumers is Filipino men. And no need to ask why on this!

FHM Magazine

Cosmopolitan Magazines, a local magazine, aims to raise women’s empowerment and successful stories. Also, it highlights women’s advocacy from different aspects of their lives as entrepreneurs, single parents, influencers, politicians, etc.

Cosmopolitan Magazine

Men’s Health Magazine highlights what men need, from health issues to fitness, healthy food, environmental stress, and a healthy lifestyle. 

Men’s Health Magazine

The abovementioned are just among the many famous magazines Filipinos are obsessed with in the Philippines. And Filipinos take their Magazine seriously because, according to these consumers, their magazines benefit them positively that inspire them to have a better lifestyle, like what the Magazine portrays in every success story of their Magazine. 

Moreover, regardless of the reasoning of each Filipino being obsessed with Local or international magazines! The vital is that what will be the effect of the Magazine on your existence? Does it contribute to an optimistic view of you? Or is it held to depression knowing that the Magazine you are reading highlights commercial products for you to buy as a promise that it will benefit you for the better? Otherwise, are you inspired by the success stories in the Magazine? 

Lastly, regardless of why Filipinos are obsessed with magazines, it does not qualify what lifestyle should be followed. There should be no scrutiny on this matter. People can do whatever makes them happy. The crucial impact only counts if it benefits the better of our life and people develop self-confidence because of what inspired them and lifted them to be better people