Filipinos are known as resilient and hard working. That’s why we are in demand to a lot of foreign employers. This is recently supported by Petr Fiala, the Prime Minister of Czech Republic, who visited our country last April 17, 2023, as part of his 10-day Asian Tour, and he said, We also highly appreciate the Philippines’ system of recruiting workers for work in other countries. Czech companies are very satisfied with Philippine citizens. We are discussing the possibilities to expand migration for work”. With this impression, it is expected that more opportunities will open to our fellow Kababayans to join us here in the landlocked country in Central Europe, the Czech Republic. Aren’t you excited for this?

While working hard to support our families back home, the perks of working here require a safe haven and environment. As you all know, public transport-health systems and other related human services are in place and totally available for all workers in Czech Republic. As part of this program, the government of Czech Republic has established “Emergency Numbers” in case of any unforeseen circumstances that may cause threat and safety issues. Below are the various emergency hotline numbers where you can call immediately and ask for help:

Although Czech Republic is one of the safest place in European countries, it is better to be always prepare and response accordingly for any emergencies. Again, let us prioritize our safety and also to the communities where we are currently residing and working in. And a friendly reminder to all Filipinos in Czech Republic, do not forget these emergency numbers!

A fruitful working experience in Czech Republic, mga Kababayans!