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The Fundamental of Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is a bridge to a beneficial source to enhance a person’s ability to access the local lifestyle for various reasons. One of the most critical reasons to learn a new language is to communicate with a new culture, mainly in a foreign country. Speaking and understanding the national language gives us the knowledge to interact with a better understanding of the culture, tradition, and how immigration works for every foreign national. Therefore, the chances of getting culture shock, feeling alone, and homesickness in a foreign country are less stressful once we learn and accept to speak their language to lift us and blend with the local language because we gain a better understanding of communication and can communicate with the locals, particularly in complex cases.

In addition, speaking the language is our ticket to a better career in a foreign country. Meeting the locals, we gain confidence in ourselves, and our socialization will improve because we are confident that we can speak the local’s language. By speaking and understanding the local language, we gain so much potential and make our lives less nerve-wracking in a foreign country, especially traveling from one city to another. Also, it made us broad-minded in every aspect of the culture, from people to food and local’s lifestyle.

Cost per Hours

Pinoy Care in the Czech Republic is designed to provide Czech Lessons accessible and affordable for every Filipino and non-Filipino to join the Czech Lesson hosted by Pinoy Care every Wednesday and Friday from 5 PM-7 PM. The cost per hour is reasonable for only 50Kč per hour or 100 Kč for 2 hours of Czech beginner Czech lessons.

The Tutor/Teacher of Czech Lesson

The Tutor for the Czech Lesson is a native Filipina fluent in Czech and has lived in the Czech Republic for over ten years. She gained her Czech at the Czech Language School in Prague and succeeded in fluently speaking the language.

Pinoy Care aims to provide services that benefit better living and lifestyle for the Filipino community in the Czech Republic. Also, calling the Filipinos to grab this affordable Czech Lesson for everyone because the effect of this Czech Lesson can deliver a better understanding as a foreign national in the Czech Republic. Because learning a new language, the Czech Republic’s language, is a huge advantage for every foreigner who speaks and understands the language for a fact. Many doors will open for those who talk about the language or those who can speak multiple languages, with so much potential and many tools on their plate.

Snacks and beverage is served to the students

For those interested in the Czech Lesson for Beginner’s Guide hosted by Pinoy Care, please do not hesitate to contact Pinoy Care. Save your spot now, and hopefully, see you every Wednesday and Friday from 5 PM to 7 PM for a very affordable cost. You surely grasp a piece of relevant information about Czech Lesson and more. Please contact Pinoy Care through Facebook or comment on your inquiries.

Pinoy Care only wishes you success in your Czech Lesson. Be optimistic that you will be able to speak the language in a short time.

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