Death, burial, and resurrection are celebrated in many countries with many Christian beliefs. The commemoration of the Easter celebration is written in the New Testament in the bible. The believers are in-depth with what Luke said in the bible in verse 24:6-7 He is not here; He has Risen. Therefore, many believers believe in what Jesus Christ has said, “I am the resurrection and the life.” The one who believes in me will live, even though they die, and whoever lives by believing in me will never die, written in John 11:25-26

The Czech Republic is wealthy, with the country’s historic, vibrant, and enchanting architecture. Churches in the Czech Republic are proofs that Christianity exists. However, it is noticed that the Czech alone hardly attends church, especially on the sabbath day. According to research, most Czechs claim that they don’t have an affiliation with religious activity. 46% of Czechs admit their religion, but it’s just a religion, and they don’t practice it. On the other hand, 25% of Czechs are atheists. 66% of Czechs admitted they do not believe in God, compared to 22% who revealed they believe in God.

Easter Sunday Czech Mass 2023

When the Czech Republic was ruled for many years under Communism, religion in the country has outlawed. Czech are forbidden to attend church while believing in God has slowly vanished. Thus, when Communism halted, and the Czech Republic regained its freedom, it was a vast accomplishment; however, most Czechs’ faith in God remained low.

Easter in Prague 2023

Škaredá středa

Regardless of religion, the Czech Republic has its way of celebrating the significance of Easter. The Czech Republic starts the Easter celebration on Ugly Wednesday or Škaredá středa, which most Czech family believes in doing house chores.

Zelený čtvrtek

Green Thursday or Zelený čtvrtek, where most Czechs choice to go on fasting and consider only eating green vegetables and being healthy. 

Velký pátek

Good Friday Velký pátek is to commemorate the passing of Jesus or the crucifixion day. 

Bílá Sobota

White Saturday Bílá Sobota is the Day of Light, a belief that Jesus will be resurrected from the dead.

Velikonoční Neděle

Easter Sunday, Velikonoční Neděle, is the day for mass also, a continuation of Easter Monday or Velikonoční Pondělí. 

Velikonoční Pondělí

Men with his Whip

Velikonoční Pondělí is a Czech public holiday in the Czech Republic. It is a tradition for the Czech Male to carry a colorful ribbons whip to whip his female in return for a reward right after the whipping female will give a painted egg to her male. The whipping tradition is practiced in the Czech Republic during Easter Monday as a belief that women who get whipped benefit from the effect of the whip because it could help women struggling with fertility issues. Also, an idea that women should be whipped to remain and retain their health and beauty throughout the year. 

Variety of colorful Whips

Easter Food in the Czech Republic marks the significance behind the dish. The Easter bread symbolizes the “crucifixion of Jesus Christ.” Lamb symbolizes Jesus’ sacrifice. 

Easter Bread
Easter Lamb
Easter Lamb Bread

Subsequently, regardless of how we commemorate or remember how Jesus Christ died on the cross is a personal delivery. No matter how people execute Easter, what matters is whether we may believe or not we shall appreciate Jesus’ sacrifice. Who sacrificed his life and died on the cross to save the world’s sins. Whether it is written in the bible or not, we, the people, should remain humble, know right and wrong, and try not to sin above all.