Spring officially came on March 20, 2023- the first day of Spring, also called the year’s blooming season. The buds from the tree and flowers were joyfully sprouting and blossoming, alive with plenty of bright flowers after a long gloomy winter. Along with the warmer weather at the beginning of the Spring, the Daylight-saving time in Central European Time will turn an hour forward standard time. Thus, this coming March 26, Sunday 2023, sunrise and sunset will be an hour later, and daylight will be longer in the evening. However, Spring weather is often unpredictable because chances are either rainy or quite sunny. Therefore, winter coats are no longer needed; it is time to show off the spring fashion style; or wear your style according to your comfort and desire.

Spring is here


A lot is happening this Spring, together with the Easter holiday celebration. During Easter Holidays, all Public Schools from Kindergarten, Primary School through High School, and Private Schools are on School Easter break.

Easter Markets

In the Czech Republic, Easter Markets are opening primarily in the biggest city like Prague and the neighboring towns. The vendors of the Easter Markets commercialize various products, from wine, a tablecloth representing Easter, traditional Czech food like cookies and cake (dort), and much more. 

Easter Market Old
Town Square

The most crowded Easter Market in Prague is in the heart of the center, right at Old town Square and Wenceslas Square. It operates from March 25th to April 16th and runs from 10 in the morning to an hour before midnight. 

In addition to the Easter Market, please don’t miss to visit Naplavka Farmer’s market or the Riverbanks of Prague. Naplavka Farmer’s market is open throughout the year, every Saturday from 8 in the morning to 2 in the early afternoon. Vendors commercialized fresh and organic products from fresh center table flowers, fresh meat, fish, eggs, varieties of veggies, fruits, various jams, beverages, and delis. In addition, if you are into crafts and handmade crafts such as decorative woods, baskets, jewelry pieces, and local handmade clothes are purchasable at the Riverbanks. 

Naplavka Riverbanks

Furthermore, if you’re not keen to buy any of the mentioned above at Naplavka River, you intend to check the Farmers Market and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Don’t worry; plenty of restaurants are on the river’s side, and staying longer and watching until sunset by the river is also recommendable. 


Most during the Spring season, tourists and locals are interested in watching numerous musical plays, classical music, performances, ballet, opera, and black theater scheduled at various times and can watch at any historical building in the heart of Prague.


Filipino 2nd Round Basketball League

The Filipino community has its 2nd round of the Basketball League organized and headed by Pinoy Care, a Non-Profit Organization. The Basketball League will start this March 25th at 8 in the morning and to be held at SK Motorlet at Radlicka 105 Prague 5

Good Friday Holiday

The 7th of April is a Public Holiday, and most shops remain open and tourists shops.

The 10th is Easter Monday, a Public Holiday, and larger shops are closed.


The 26th of April is a well-known famous singer of Avril Lavigne Concert in Prague 7 at Sportovni Hala Fortuna. It is at Line C Red Line in Nadrazi Holesovice. The concert starts at 20:00  and the price range from 1000kc-1,400kc. 

Easter Sunday Mass

Infant Jesus Parish of Prague at Mala Strana mass at 12 noon

St Thomas Parish at 11 AM English Speaking Community

St Thomas Parish Filipino Community (Filipino Priest)

St Thomas parish

Pinoy Care wishes you a Happy Easter Holidays and a colorful and peaceful Spring.

Non-Profit Organization