This year 2023, the Philippines’ theme for this 125th Independence Day celebration is to end “Child Labor or Social Justice for all.” It is not concealed that the Declaration of the Rights of the Child 1942, known as the Geneva Declaration of the Child’s Rights, is a provision against child exploitation. To stipulate a better environment and better quality of life for children, as well as to provide shelter and legal guardians for those children that needed a family home, together to develop and enhance the skills of children in a positive, healthy presentation to the public.

Recently on June 1st many countries acknowledged and celebrated the Children’s International Day. In the Czech Republic, most Schools celebrate this day with electrifying activities from sports, games, and events for children to relish such a fun day. Various parks are also open, highlighting children to come and experience broader outdoor activities to practice and explore the freedom from sports, face painting, arts, and more. On the contrary, the Philippines celebrated and acknowledged the World Day Against Child Labor on June 12th, the day when the freedom of the Philippines took place from Spain 125th years ago, back on June 12, 1898. Therefore, this year the Philippines Independence Day is themed to Social Justice for Freedom, Future, and History, also known in Tagalog as “Kalayaan, Kasaysayan, and Kinabukasan.”

The Philippines is one of those many countries advocating to end child abuse from various perilous conditions children may combat. Thus, they will be Freed from their complex life conditions and have the freedom to speak for themselves, obtain health and education, and have the right to opt for their life. Until there is an adverse act towards children or to anyone, the future of children remains a victim of abusive individuals. Therefore, history will never land for the better if everyone remains blind, deaf, and mute despite the ability to stand the right to a legal system, so human rights remain lawless.

Nonetheless, the Philippine Embassy of Prague in the Czech Republic hosted and aimed to call the company of the Filipino community in the Czech Republic to unite that day and join the Philippine Independence Day on June 18th. The Celebration was full of empathy to exercise the freedom of healthy life through singing, dancing, food, conversation, plenty of awards with fun games, and most of all, to express the right of socializing to everyone. Therefore, without a doubt, the Philippine Independence Day celebration turnout a success in Prague.

Thank you to the Embassy of the Philippines in Prague for hosting the Independence Day celebration and the Honorable Eduardo Menez and Chargé d’affaires Ms. Indhira Bañares and the rest of the diplomats of the embassy for inviting the Filipino community to celebrate the Philippine Independence with open arms.

Pinoy Care wishes for a more enjoyable event to share with the Filipino community, and may everyone will enjoy their rights to life and freedom to live so the future will have a healthy history to educate the next generation.

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