The Czech Republic Prague Public Transit Company Co. Inc. (Czech: Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy a.s. [cs], DPP) is pretty strict in implementing the right to hold valid Fares Tickets, and those who violated the rules are no doubt to face the fines. The DPP Ticket Check Inspector is ubiquitously checking tickets, whether it is in the Metro underground waiting for you or they are on the Train, Tram, or busses riding with you. Most of the time, the DPP Ticket Inspectors are hard to recognize as they wear civilian clothes like usual. You are only surprised when the ticket Inspectors show their badges on their palms and say, Litačka or Ticket. Any passengers caught without a Ticket are charged Fines from the DPP Ticket Inspector.

Negative effect if Passengers won’t pay for their Public Transportation

Regardless of your reasoning, getting on Public Transportation without a VALID TICKET is a violation under the (Dopravní podnik hlavního města Prahy a.s. [cs], DPP.) If passengers do not pay their fares on the Metro, Tram, and Buses, it might cause a hostile inefficient system of public transportation service. 

Fines for those caught without Valid Tickets

A DPP Ticket Inspector carries a Legal Right to write you a Ticket Fines once caught on the spot without a valid Ticket on any Public Transportation. The current Fines are 1,500 KČ or about 60 Euros. The DPP ticket inspector can only accept CASH as the payment method as they do not carry any card reader/device with them. If you do not have enough cash, the inspector can convey you to the nearest ATM for you to withdraw the said Fines amount of 1,500KČ.

Suppose you forgot to carry your Litačka card, a Municipal Smart card system in Prague. An electronic ticket that allows you to travel with all the public transportation under DPP operation. The Ticket inspector can only charge you for 60KČ of 2 Euros. However, you need to report the Fines in the Litačka office to verify that you have a valid electronic ticket or the Litačka with you.

Where to Purchase Public Transportation Tickets in Prague?

For any Metro Station from Line A Green, Line B Yellow, and Line C Red, a ticket is purchasable in the Ticket information window, where an actual person can sell the access you need; however, tickets can also be purchased at the yellow machine in any Metro Station from Lines A, B, and C. Ticket is also purchasable right on getting on the Tram and the bus or to the bus driver if it outside the Prague limits.

Purchase Tickets in this Machine at the Metro. This machine accepts the payment method by Card or QR Code from your mobile or Czech Coins.

Buy a Ticket in this Orange Machine on the Tram or the Bus. No Coins allowed. Only accepts Card or mobile payment.

Mobile or Card payment only. Only buy Tickets at the Orange Machine when on the Tram and Bus.

How much are the Fare Tickets Cost?

The Fare Tickets Selection cost varies depending on the number of minutes, hours, days, months, or years you need. Please check the following Ticket Selection photos to distinguish the number of tickets and the cost you need.

Expected Price for all Passengers over 15 years old and below seniors age.
Current Public Transportation Ticket Cost in Prague.

Seniors’ Price is 50%

What age do Children require to buy its Ticket?

Children from 4 to 15 years of age Ticket Free, meaning children under 15 years old do not need to buy public transportation tickets from Metro, Tram, and Busses. Thus, children under 15 should carry identification proof to support those under 15.

A Mother with their newborns and infant babies under three years old who are on public transportation with their babies are free of charge, in the condition that Moms should be with their babies. Otherwise must have a valid ticket to avoid penalty.

Senior citizens are 50% discounted. Traveling with a dog has to have a valid ticket for their dog. The inspector is not keen to check on the dog’s Ticket but seldomly defends that the inspector might catch the dog’s Ticket, so ideally better to be aware of this.

Before going through the Metro, punch your Ticket onto the yellow ticket validator before going to the escalator to catch the Train. The same on riding the Tram and buses; validating your Ticket the minute you get on the Tram and bus is crucial. Otherwise, a ticket inspector can write you a ticket because you must promptly validate your Ticket. Otherwise, it could lead to a penalty.

Punch/Validate your Ticket in this Ticket Validator before going to the Metro/Underground. There is no Ticket Validator on the underground Train.

Validate or punch your Ticket only in this Yellow Machine on the Tram and Busses.

Pinoy Care wishes you a pleasant Trip in Prague and a safe journey. Remember to be vigilant and follow the rules to avoid inconvenience. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to comment, and Pinoy Care will answer as much as we can.

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