Maternity and Paternity Leave is a commonly Legalized provision under the Labor Code of the Czech Republic given by the Social State Government of the Czech Republic. Making the Czech Republic one of the most privileged countries supporting parents expecting a newborn to collect financial aid mainly during Maternity also Paternity Leave. Regardless of its citizenship, whether you are a third-country national or not, you are entitled to Maternity or Paternity Leave if you subsidize and meet the Maternity Leave condition under the Czech Republic’s Labor Code.

Maternity Leave

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Who is Entitled to Maternity and Paternity Leave in the Czech Republic?

Every pregnant woman is entitled to claim her Maternity Leave upon request to the employer, which the employer should accept if the request is from an employee with a proven report of pregnancy. The employee should have been working for at least 270 days or more. In addition, if the employment ended 180 days before the employee’s pregnancy, she is still eligible to apply for maternity leave.  Also, Maternity is given to a Self-employed pregnant woman who has actively freely contributed to social health insurance and sickness insurance for eight months and has been contributing for roughly two years of her Social Insurance, enabling her to obtain Maternity Leave under self-employed is acknowledgeable. 

Paternity Leave

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Paternity Leave plays a significant function in parenthood, mainly when a newborn arrives in a family home. A father infrequently takes Paternity Leave to look after the newborn rather than the mother. The Czech Republic government badges a father to take over the mother to care for the newborn. In this, the Law’s optimism is to have worth time for a father and a newborn to build a quality time relationship between father and child. Therefore, Paternity Leave is activated or can occur when a newborn reaches one month old to 6 weeks right after the baby is born. Also eligible for a father fostering or adopting a child stated under the Czech Labor Code, a father will receive seven to fourteen days of parental pay. The requirements carry the same as Maternity Leave, for which a father should have contributed his Health and Social Insurance for 270 days.

The Benefits of Maternity Leave

Please be clear that Maternity Leave, or in Czech it’s called peněžitá pomoc v mateřství, which only applicable to pregnant women. Pregnant women can obtain Maternity Leave 11 weeks prior to the baby’s delivery date, which can last till 28 weeks, while if you’re having multiple babies, the Maternity Leave can last to 37 weeks. How much Money do you Take a month during Maternity Leave?

Maternity leave varies on your decision. If you think being pregnant is manageable and working while pregnant is not a barrier to your daily task as an employee, then you can take Maternity Leave right on your due date month, and you still get 100% of your gross salary. However, if you decide to take a Maternity Leave 11 weeks before giving birth or eight weeks before the due date, the income you receive is 70% of your gross salary.

Maternity Leave Income is 70% of your Gross Salary. 

Example: your gross salary is 50,000Kć – 30% = 35,000Kć is 70% of your Monthly Income during the Maternity Leave period.

How to Apply for a Maternity Leave?

Once a pregnant woman discovers she is bearing a child in her womb, she must be checked by her gynecologist and fill out the Maternity Form Application. Once the pregnancy is reported to the gynecologist and the form is filled, it should be forwarded to the employer’s HR for them to submit the possible Maternity Leave report to the Social Security Authorities. A gynecologist report is also needed for the Self-employed, and the form will be personally presented to the Social Security Office. The information will be scrutinized quickly, and 11 weeks before the due date, a pregnant woman is ready to activate her Maternity Leave.

Things to Remember

Maternity Leave and Paternity Leave are only eligible who have been paying their Social Insurance and Health Insurance for 270 days, which also applies to self-employed women. 

Remember that Maternity and paternal leave do not have the same benefits as Parental Leave. Parental Leave is a different aspect of social aid you receive from the government. Parental Leave is only activated once Maternity Leave is executed and finished. 

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