The Philippines is known for being family-oriented and loyal to family members, and for countless reasons, the Filipino culture towards family has a vast impact on every family member. Each family member has a significant role in their family, so forming strong ties and solidarity is the top priority of every Filipino family. Filipino family looks after each other to provide the best financing for the family, which carries from generation to generation. Although, the tradition of having the immediate family with the second generation has been questioned by so many cultures outside the Philippines, saying that it is too much; (when should a breadwinner of the family stop taking care of the parents and siblings knowing that the breadwinner is already had their immediate family and children?) In Tagalog hanggang kailan ba tayo mag-aalaga at mag papadala nang pera sa ating mga magulang at mga kapatid sa Filipinas? You, ikaw Kabayan, have you ever asked yourselves this yet?

Filipinos are extreme to jump into possible opportunities for the family’s sake regardless of difficulties it may bring; most of the time, Filipinos forgo everything to provide the best for their loved ones, mainly if their children are in the picture. Every opportunity may significantly impact the possibility of bringing a bright future for the family. Therefore, there are over 1.8 million Overseas Filipino Workers all over the globe. They are freely sacrificing themselves for a brighter future for the family.

The tradition and culture of the Philippines are one of the most unique and sentimental values delivered and have the most excellent, most outstanding practice the minute a newborn Filipino arrives in a Filipino home. Therefore, globally Filipinos have been highly recommended hired by so many foreign employers for nannies, nursing homes, tutors, chefs, domestic helpers, and family helpers because Filipinos carry high standards values of loyalty, honesty, patience, perseverance, friendliness, optimism, god-fearing, resilience, determination, and being helpful to every angle of the scenario.

Despite all the positivity a Filipino kabayan gets, it always draws the line that most OFWs are left with nothing after the end of the month. One time I was speaking to kapwa Kababayan. I asked her how long she has been living outside the Philippines and if she plans to retire soon! As I noticed, she is no longer young! She replied that she stopped counting because it hurt that she could not quit. After all, she still has a few nephews and nieces to support for their university back home. You must be very proud, and your nephews and nieces must have been very lucky and proud of your kindness and help. She replied, I’m tired and don’t have any savings because all my salary is being sent to my family in the Philippines. But I’m happy here because I can provide for my loved ones in the Philippines. No one will help if I go home; I no longer need them if I go home. I can’t gain the income I have here if I go home. Hearing this, I felt beat!

Providing economically to our loved ones back in the Philippines is not wrong. It is a noble act to take our family’s financial needs. However, we should also provide for our needs by saving something for ourselves. We can send some of our wages back home but grasp not to send it all. If you can, Kabayan sends 60% of your monthly income to the Philippines, and 40% is for you. 20% is for your basic needs and treatment, while 20% is for your savings. Save something for yourselves. Because if we run out, most likely, we will need someone to help us. It is a hurtful but true statement.

This article is to let you know that to take care of our family is also to take care of our own. We must provide the best for us too. Keep something for you. Make a financial statement, and manage your financial stability. Don’t send it all rather sweldohan mo din ang sarili mo kabayan, deserve mo yan.

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