From a Domestic helper-Nanny-to 
 Certified Massage Therapies
From Domestic Helper-to Nanny-to Certified Massage Therapist

Melanie works among the best Massage Therapist in Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage in Prague, Czech Republic. When Melanie was interviewed at Pinoy Care, it was clearly shown that Melanie is a person loaded with anticipation towards positivity. Melanie’s energy shows how grateful she is right now, as she calls herself, “I upgraded myself from a Domestic helper to a full-time nanny and now as a Certified Massage Therapist.” Melanie is highly grateful for what she has triumphed in such a short time living here in the Czech Republic.

Beforehand, Melanie was a Domestic helper in Hong Kong for nearly 13 years, and in those full years, Melanie has been changing Employers more than 2 times. Melanie earned 20,000 Philippine pesos per month from her first Employer in HK, which lasted less than a year due to termination of employment. Luckily, she found her second Employer, which provided her with a legal working permit for 6 years, earning roughly 30,000 Pesos per month, and the other 6 years from another employer, for which she also had a great memory. Melanie’s journey in Hongkong is quite lucky as an Overseas Filipino worker paralleled to the other Kababayans tough to describe. Therefore, Melanie is thankful for her years in Hong Kong.

On September 26th, 2022, Melanie stepped outside her comfort zone by flying to the Czech Republic, putting herself on another challenge, and the most exciting part was seeing Europe. The Family Care Agency hired Melanie in the Philippines. However, Melanie is lucky because her employer in the Czech Republic took her as a direct hire through the agency, working as a babysitter or a Nanny. Melanie’s employer in the Czech Republic contributed such positive views as Melanie stated that her former Czech Employer treated her with care and respect. The contract agreement she signed with her Czech former employer was wholly given to Melanie with suitable accommodation, 8 hours work a day with full free weekends earning 40,000 Philippine pesos per month.

Despite Melanie’s tremendous treatment by her former employer, it is gloomily revealed that it must end. Without further ado, Melanie’s job as a Nanny had to end. Melanie was terminated after working only 3 months as a babysitter because her former employer had to move abroad. Melanie’s dream to live longer in the Czech Republic is about to end. However, Melanie received Severance and Termination Pay from her Employer and a week of hotel accommodation due to the employee in such cases. 

Melanie remained calm in strategizing her next move; going back to the Philippines was not yet an option for Melanie. “ I just got here 3 months ago. I can’t go home yet.” So she found a way to stay in the country legally.

Melanie, Meet Mr & Mrs. Eden Pohan

Melanie contacted Pinoy Care to seek help regarding her legal residency issue. Therefore, Pinoy Care provided Melanie with the time when Mr. and Mrs. Eden Pohan discussed Melanie’s problem. Ondrej Pohan’s sculpture to resolve Melanie’s Legal stay issue with a possible solution on how Melanie could transfer her Employer authorization to Eden’s hands.

Essential Note to Remember as a Third Country National

When a foreigner from a third country national (including the Philippines) arrives in the Czech Republic holding Long-Term Employment purposes in the Czech Republic. It is possible to change employers within the first six months after the biometric card has been issued only under clearly defined conditions, and the employer’s cooperation is necessary. However, Melanie’s employer was unaware of this clearly defined condition in Melanie’s Termination Letter. In contrast, the 1st version of Melanie’s employer provided the redundancy of the condition for terminating the employment contract with Melanie, which would have led to the loss of Melanie’s residence permit.

Therefore, Mr. Pohan did not hesitate to contact the employer’s HR and explain the situation to her. Subsequently, the employer rephrased the termination in the correct form, making the second version of the Termination Letter updated into a clearly defined condition that they no longer needed Melanie due to her redundancy.

Mr  & Mrs. Ondrej Pohan Negotiated with Melanie’s Former Employer. 

Ondrej and Eden Pohan, with their Legal Crew, negotiated with Melanie’s former Employer, and Ondrej Pohan’s crew requested an excellent report of the Termination Letter for Melanie. The result the clearly defined content of the Termination Letter is a Ticket for Melanie, enabling her capable of changing employers and not necessarily needing to go home to the Philippines. By Law, an Employer must provide a Termination Letter varying in the reasoning for the Termination. In Melanie’s case, her termination Letter stated that her service is no longer needed as a Nanny; therefore, Melanie must go back to the Philippines. But because of Melanie’s determination, together with the help of Mr & Mrs. Pohan, Melanie’s former employer, agreed and signed the negotiation, resulting in a joint agreement to change the content of Melanie’s Termination Letter.

Melanie Became a Massage Therapist of Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage.

To obtain a work permit for a massage therapist in the Czech Republic, you need a certificate of completion of 150 hours of Training in Massage Therapy or a certificate confirming the relevant qualification from the Philippines (Tesda NC2 certificate), which the Department of Industry must still verify the massage certificate.

Melanie has no proof that she has a massage certificate as she started in massage, but that’s no obstacle for Eden’s Garden team. Therefore, Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage provided Melanie with the relevant training, where Melanie obtained the necessary certificate to enable her to change her position to that of a qualified massage therapist. At the moment, Melanie has a two-year work visa to work as a massage therapist for her employer, Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage, and is still working to improve in her new job.

Melanie completed training in massage therapy

Melanie’s Working Permit at Massage Therapist is Granted.

The application for Melanie’s working permit was relatively smooth and quick. “Once Sir Ondrej Pohan and his legal crew submitted my application for Massage Therapist in Eden’s Garden, it only took a little over a month, and I got approved.” It was a rapid result. Melanie is now happy with her new line of job. Also, her current employer Eden Pohan is treating her well with respect, and the highlights are that her accommodation is provided and her health care is taken care of. In the Massage Salon, all Therapies get a free sack of rice monthly. Also, “I am free to roam around this country, enjoying my day off, and I have great friends around me to help my homesick manageable.”

Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage

Pinoy Care is happy to share Melanie’s inspiring story with the public to give you an awareness that everyone can have a chance to drive and become the driver of their lives, like Melanie, whose determined to keep working here in the Czech Republic in a legal process with the help of Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippines Massage. For Melanie, we wish you the best that may in the coming year. You can bring your children here to the Czech Republic to get your family together, living under the same roof.

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