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The weather is getting cooler, daylight savings is approaching, and winter is knocking around the corner. Therefore, such a season changes the feeling for some people quite unappealing and causes dullness and boredom. However, Prague is not a sleeping city, and to prove Prague is full of festivities and activities despite the grayish cloud there are various fun things and happenings to attend around Prague. The following timetables or schedules are a must to mark your calendar and see you around.

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Signal Festival October 12th-15th: The Signal Festival is a cultural event every year at this time founded on October 13, 2013. Since then the Signal Festival has been a critical event and is expected to be celebrated every year. The Signal Festival is open to the public in the Czech Republic located near the various famous landmarks in Prague. This year the 11th Signal Festival is scheduled for October 12th through the 15th. The highlights of this event are to explore the ecosystem through Computer Vision, Nature, Big Data, and Play.

Photo Credit: Botanical Garden of Prague

Exhibition of Pumpkins October 13th-31st: The exhibition of pumpkins is widely introduced in the United States. Later on across the continents followed the idea of instrumenting pumpkin as the bridge and a symbol of the Fall Season aside from the golden red colors of various leaves during Fall. The Botanical Garden of Prague is now open for its Exhibition of Pumpkins where children will have to enjoy pumpkin carving in an open-air. The Exhibition of Pumpkins includes joyful and interesting programs for individuals to enjoy such as autumn workshops, pumpkin carving, games related to pumpkins, Halloween celebrations, and a lantern parade.

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Soup Festival October 15th: How crazy are you about Soup? Yes, a soup! if you are up for soup then your last change is to try various soup dishes from all over the globe. You can start your soup hunting on October 15th at Karlin Square before noon time to 6 PM. So what are you waiting for bring your group of friends and start your soup-hooping make this day a fun and jolly soup hunting.

On the other hand, keep yourself busy in this grayish season of the year, and don’t bother the sun if it won’t show up for a while. Keep in mind that everything is only for a short time and soon the sun will come. Keep yourself going, enjoy, be healthy, be safe, and be yourself.

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