Migration Terminology and Meaning

Migration means the living things of an individual who moves from one place to another.

Birds migrate from winter to warmer weather to seek shelter and food.

Human beings migrate to the local town, from urban to rural, for a quieter environment or from rural to urban, for better job opportunities. Also, a family migrates to another country for a brighter future. 

OFW means Filipino citizens currently out of the Philippines for overseas employment.

Scrutinizing the Importance of Migration

Migration is crucial for every citizen who exercises their legal right to move freely from one place to another, locally or internationally. To migrate is a huge decision and a commitment to consider where every decision lays an array of feasible options, strategies, and planning. Moreover, moving to another site could deliver a positive effect or cause an adverse result from economic and health issues. Therefore, before jumping into migration should be examined and appropriately scrutinized to avoid difficulties. 

Filipino Move to Local Area

There are over 110 million population or Filipinos in the Philippines, and 1.8 Million are Overseas Filipino Workers. Filipinos migrate nationwide or locally to seek healthier environments, better jobs, closer to their children’s school or university, accessible to establishments such as hospitals, shopping malls, churches, parks, the beach, etc. 

A person opts to move to another city to save financially because all the essential establishments are suitable where the house is. Unlike living an hour or more one-way drive with the hassle of traffic and time consuming is another stress to carry every travel back and forth going to work and sending the kids to school. If a family lives near essential establishments, schools, work, markets, shopping malls, and parks, a family can save tons of time and gas and less expense, which is less stressful for the whole family. 

In addition, another reason for moving to another place is that a family seeks a better, safer, and quieter environment or a secure neighborhood for security reasons. These should be the highlights to study when moving to a new home for the benefit of the whole family members.

Filipino Migrating Abroad

Undeniably, the Philippines has a high unemployment rate despite holding a complete educational background. Moreover, age discrimination in the Philippines is among the number one sources of the high unemployment rate. In addition, an increased number of unrenewed employment contracts from an employer company causes the holdup of the high unemployment rate in the Philippines. 

Thus, according to a report, every day, over 2,000 Filipinos legally leave the Philippines to take their chances to jump into possibilities to find their skills meaningful outside the Philippines. The emerging number of Filipinos that leave the Philippines daily is noticeable due to the country’s need for more financial opportunities. 

Filipinos pursue a brighter future abroad for several reasons, which is a noble way for Filipinos to do for the sake of their family members. Enable to sustain the family’s financial needs and send children to a better education, shelter, food, a pronounced health care system, and a brighter lifestyle. It is noticeable that most Filipinos that work abroad receive a better lifestyle in the Philippines, which is better than before. 

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Also, some Filipino family members that are considered well off in the Philippines still opt to go abroad due to a better lifestyle for the rest of the family, such as to experience advanced technologies, a high-quality education system, a safer country, family-oriented, great environment, develop a business, to be independent, great public transportation, learn a new language, excellent opportunities for the children and a brighter future for their family.