The Philippine One-Stop Travel Declaration is a systematic procedure to trace an individual’s health connected to COVID-19 exposure who intends to enter the Philippines. The E-Travel is a replacement for (ONE HEALTH PASS) upon arrival in the Philippines. Therefore, everyone is required to register for an Electonic Travel Declaration to enter the Philippine territory 3days before entering the Philippines. 

E-Travel Registration
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The Electronic Travel Declaration System is a Free-of-Charge registration and does not collect any source of online payment for all Filipinos and Foreign Nationals who use this E-Travel Registration.

“BEWARE of fake, fraudulent, or scam websites and entities which require payment upon registration.” 

The Bureau of Investigation requires returning Filipinos and Foreign nationals who intend to enter the Philippines by Air or by Sea to submit an Electronic-Travel declaration concerning vaccine history related to the COVID-19 virus and, most essentially, to declare any health issues and symptoms or exposure associated to COVID-19.  

What are the Requirements for the E-Travel Declaration? 

Filipino citizens and Foreign Nationals are required 72 hours (about Three days) before arrival to the Philippines to register the Electronic-Travel Declaration to be valid to enter the Philippines. The E-Travel Philippine One-Stop Electronic Travel Declaration System can be registered online through this link  

To register, please answer the following questions to provide your personal data below. 

  • Filipino Passport holder or Foreign Passport holder.  
  • Click Travel Type if you are Arriving (Entering) or Leaving (Departure) the Philippines. 
  • Enter the Date of Arrival/Departure to the Philippines 
  • Enter Email 
  • Tick the box of the Agreed policy and click Continue. 
  • Follow the instructions to answer some information if you have completed the COVID-19 Vaccines. (Also, for Children) 
  • A notification (Successful Registration) will appear on the screen and be delivered to your email in just a few minutes, and you are good to go. 

The instruction of the Electronic Travel Declaration System is straightforward with less data needed for those who intend to enter the Philippines. So, there is no reason to get a failed application if you entered the required details correctly. 

Where to present Your E-Travel Declaration System? 

Upon Checking in for your Flight to the Philippines, your local airport front desk from your country of origin will promptly ask for a QR Code for your E-Travel registration. You may show the QR code or a screenshot of your successful registration is acceptable, showing your name and the rest of the information on the screenshot. Without QR code or a screenshot or email about your E-Travel registration hinders you from onboarding your flight to the Philippines. Upon arrival at the Philippine Immigration, your E-Travel might be needed to show, defending the Immigration Officer you may get to interact with.