Bright Future in the Foreign Land

Filipinos are prone to sacrifice their living condition in the Philippines. With determination and eagerness to help the Filipino family, Kababayan mainly ended up working overseas, enabling them to support the economic needs of their family members. Regardless, Filipino achievement in the Philippines holds a High Scholl diploma or higher education with a Bachelor’s degree, Master or even more. Filipinos are willing to gamble to see their stake in a foreign land to grasp the brilliant opportunity a foreign country can offer. 

Job Opportunity in a Foreign Land

The most demanding job title for Filipino working overseas are Domestic Helper in a foreign land, family or company driver, babysitter, nurse in the Middle East, machine operator all over the world, massage therapies, working in a home care unit, customer service, an English teacher in a none English speaking country, car mechanic and more. 

Foreigner in a Foreign Land

According to the research and report, many Filipino suffer from depression, anxiety, loneliness, being left alone, and homesickness while working abroad. And the primary causes due to living abroad thousands of miles away from each family, children, and loved ones. Which primarily resulted in suicidal implications or facing health issues. 

Coping up in a Foreign Environment and Homesick

Many people have ways of coping with a new life challenge, from a new environment, foreign language, culture shock, meeting new friends, new jobs, and dealing with a huge adjustment in their lives in a foreign country. Some people may find a new climate, a new beginning to start their lives, into a better picture of their future. However, for some people, it is a challenging stage that tangles their lives and becomes a complex barrier for them. Therefore, there is a chance this Kababayan may show signs of depression and loneliness at work or even their cycle of friends. 

Overseas Filipino Workers OFW may have various ways to reduce their loneliness which may lead to depression. Some Filipinos attend multiple activities and join Filipino gatherings after office hours or during weekends. Some may take extra jobs to gain additional income. On the other hand, many kababayans preferred to find themselves working double or more during their day off to avoid thinking of their loved ones back in the Philippines. Some Kababayan considers living abroad a one-time opportunity to travel freely during their holidays and discover the neighboring countries like to see Europe, the Middle East, or a neighboring state in the United States. Additionally, some Kababayans choose to stay and relax on their day off without spending a dime during their non-working day to save and spend less. 

Regardless of how these Kababayans cope with loneliness as OFW working overseas, people should consider being mindful and be sensitive to fellow Kababayan who may be displays signs of depression. 

In a big scheme situation, everyone can exercise their way of dealing with their rough status. Some may coop up positively. However, the others may need help to coop up to push them into greatness. Therefore, a robust support system is essential to show our Kababayan they are loved and vital in the system. That everyone can be their helpline in any problematic situation they may have. In any case, our Pinoy Care is here to open doors to help you as much as possible. Furthermore, Pinoy Care is here to listen to your story without adverse judgment rather than pure understanding and respect. 

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