According to the Philippines Statistics Authority, there are over 1.83 million estimated Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) around the globe. And the highest number of  OFW workers work in the Middle East. 

The Czech Republic has roughly three thousand to three thousand five hundred registered Filipinos. The highest number of Filipinos live in the capital city of Prague, followed by Brno, Pilzen, Ostrava, and the other region of the country. Most Filipino workers have skills as computer technicians, machine operators, drivers, massage therapists, or domestic helpers. And the rest of the Filipinos in the Czech Republic are married to most Czech nationals or European nationals.

Filipinos in Brno

For some people living in a foreign country can be overwhelming and exhausting, especially if you need someone to talk to or help you with such a simple task. Therefore, Pinoy Care, a non-profit organization, volunteered to help the community address Filipinos needing guidance. It aims to bring Filipinos closer together and help them understand that there is a support system for the community to benefit from. 

Ultimately, the Czech Republic Filipinos maintain a positive attitude towards others. Through kinship participating in various events such as sports leagues, basketball tournaments, badminton, salo-salo gatherings, partying, or traveling as a group helps the Filipino community grow healthy and retain its Bayanihan purpose to help those in need. 

Filipino Community in the Czech Republic has contributed its rejuvenating effect to the society and every OFW. This causes the community to have fun, taking that loneliness out of their system rather than feeling despair and sadness due to homesickness. 

Group of Filipino’s partying

Nonetheless, Prague’s Filipino community are also enormously participating in the Filipino Mass, like in the Infant Jesus parish in Mala Strana every Sunday at noon and the 2 o’clock mass at St.Thomas parish headed by a Filipino priest Father Noel.

St.Thomas Parish

Every Sunday, the vastest number of Filipinos can be seen in Prague when various groups go to the shopping mall, visit Prague’s famous landmarks, picnics by the park, or visit their friend’s flat to spend the rest of their weekend partying.  

In conclusion, Filipinos are resilient regardless of their country because they carry their dream and ambition to pursue despite the hardship they may stumble during their journey. However, let us not forbid them with our help, mainly the support system, so that kinship uplifts everyone for the better of every Filipino around the globe. 

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