The majority of the marital status in the Philippines are legally married, followed by mutual agreement, with no matrimonial by law. The Philippine Statistics Authority report shows that 3.5% of Filipinos are married to foreign nationals. And to the record, the immense number of Filipino married to foreign nationals between Filipinos and Americans is widespread throughout the country. 

On the contrary, in the Czech Republic, only a few men are married to a Czech national. While the primary number is a female Filipino married to a Czech, and the rest of the couples are in mutual agreement living as partners like a married couple under the same roof. 

Mixed Couple


The lifestyle of a Czech and a Filipina couple is resilient, especially if there are no kids involved. Czech and Filipina couples usually ken to physical activities outside the city on weekends for hiking, biking, mushroom hunting, swimming by the river during summer, skiing in winter, road trips, visiting family in the rural area, relaxing in their cottages, and more. Furthermore, these couples love to travel mainly around the European neighborhood because traveling within the EU zone is a quicker way due to the Philippine passport of the Filipino that limits their travel outside the EU. Alternatively, Filipinos can apply for an advance visa to the specific embassy they wish to visit. 

What to expect from a Czech Man?

Generally, a Czech man likes to go to a Pub or a Club to have fun from Friday right after work or Saturday night. Also, Czech men only want to go on holiday in a group or with friends. So, often especially in married couples, the wife will take care of the kids while their Czech husband is on holiday. At the same time, it is according to the agreement between the Czech husband and the wife. However, it is common for Czech husbands to go on holidays without their kids and wife. 

Generally, the Czechs prefer something other than eating out at restaurants. Czech males preferred a home meal with meat (maso) and watching television with their beer (pivo.) It is heard that Czech men are pretty frugal when spending money. Ideally, the Czech spend more on gardening tools, tickets to football matches, exercise tools, gym membership, and holiday tickets. On that said the Czechs are even prudent about spending luxurious holidays as the Czechs prefer to go camping than spend on a hotel and drive rather than flying. Czech choose to holiday in the mountain rather than in the city. 

Czech Cuisine

It is widely observed that Czech relationship with their parents is admirable, and the highest number of Czech men’s relationships with their moms are inseparable. So to those Filipinas marrying a Czech man, please be informed that your soon-to-be husband is a mama’s boy. So, it is intensively that your weekend will end up in the rural with your soon-to-be mother-in-law and spend a lot of quality time with your husband’s family loaded with traditional Czech food and better to speak Czech to communicate with your soon-to-be family in the Czech Republic. 

Regarding intimate love, the Czechs are not afraid to publicly show their feelings, whether a Czech woman or a Czech man. Therefore, as a Filipina from a conservative country, be open-minded almost to have a love scene amidst how busy the street is or you are on public transportation because exchanging saliva publicly with Czechs is typical in the Czech Republic. However, a Czech being showy to their feelings is enormous during the girlfriend and boyfriend stage. So, don’t worry; it will pass by in due time.

Consequently, being attached married to a Czech is okay. If you look at it optimistically, the Czech tradition and character could bring many potentials. However, at the end of the line, you choose your path, so whether you try to be in touch with the Czech relationship or not, you decide and not the other way.