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The Philippine National Anthem

Basketball is the number 1 sport in the Philippines, and it can be played by anyone who wishes to play. Basketball is an indoor or outdoor game between two teams. Each Team should toss the ball to its assigned basket to qualify for a score. The goal is to reach the highest score for the opponent. 

Almost every street in the Philippines has a basketball backboard/hoop, and many Barangay or Municipalities often have their basketball court. Also, each University in the Philippines has its School Varsity players who compete against other Universities. 

In the late 1900s, basketball was invented by an American, James Naismith, and became one of the most favorite and competitive sports nationwide in the United States.  

Americans coached and taught basketball and baseball when America colonized the Philippines. Back in the Filipino and American Regime, the Americans brought and introduced Basketball and Baseball as sports to the Filipinos, holding a significant role in the Physical Education School system in Philippine sports. Additionally, Basketball has marked Philippine sports as a “source of national pride” for every Filipino. In fact, in 1960, the Philippines won the Bronze in FIBA World Championships. 

Aside from the Philippines, Canada, Spain, and Australia are vast basketball communities of players.  Therefore, this sport has become the most played sport worldwide. Hence, for Filipinos or OFW, Basketball is their pastime. Thus developed a vast impact on those who played basketball. 

On the other hand, the Filipino community in the Czech Republic interacted to play Basketball League Season 2. On March 25, Saturday, at SK Motorlet Radlicka Prague 5. The players were divided into 6 Teams; Team Zatec Boys, Team Czech Ballers, Team Kralupy, Team Pragueknights, Team Pllzen, and Team Makro Prague. Also, each Team has presented a gorgeous and talented lady as the Ms.Muse of the Team. Congratulations to the little Muse of Team Kralupy, who showed her talent in dancing and, by majority vote, the Muse, aka Angel, won the price of 1,000kc Czech Korona.

Muse Angel from Team Kralupy

The Basketball League Season 2 in the Czech Republic was headed and organized by Pinoy Care, a non-profit organization in the Czech Republic. The Sponsors of the Leauge provided a huge help for the Leauge to make it happen. RLC Residences RobinsonsLand Corporation, Excel One, Edens Garden Thai & Philippine Massage, Mabuhay Tour, GTS Balikbayan Box, Ariel Puna Cleaning Services, Chatova Osada Jachta, and none other than Pinoy Care are the major sponsors of the Basketball League Season 2 in the Czech Republic. 

The Pinoy Care Basketball League Season 2 was a successful turnout. The Basketball League’s success shows comradeship between the Filipino community in Prague and the Locals who are there, uplifting their Teams playing accordingly. This event offers an excellent way to commence a healthy way to collect friendship and companionship.  As well as to target a helpline community for Filipinos living in the Czech Republic.

Furthermore, the Filipino community appreciates the effort, time, and monetary support of Pinoy Care in the Czech Republic, mainly to the founder Eden Pohan who exerted her best to stipulate this kind of event for the Filipino Community as well as the sponsors of this event to make it occurred on 25th of March.

Eden Pohan
Pinoy Care Founder

Together with the help of the rest who attended and facilitated the event. Also, to the Teams, and players of the League, thank you for your strength and determination to be a good sport. With the support of all Kababayans, Pinoy Care in the Czech Republic appreciates you all. Mabuhay and kita-kita tayo sa susunod pang mga laban sa next round.

Congratulation to all Teams who joined the Pinoy Care Basketball League. And to continue playing in the next season. 


Mabuhay po kayo,
Pinoy Care Czech Republic