Team Plzen, the PCBL Season 2 Champion in 2023

The final Season 2 of Pinoy Care Basketball League was a prosperous turnout held on May 20 Saturday 2023, at SK Motorlet in Radlice Prague 5. The determination and admiration of the players generated an excellent sports competition for each player of the Teams, which conveyed an official fair result that pointed out to the champion of the Pinoy Care Basketball League Season 2 for 2023.

The battle for the Season 2 final game of the Pinoy Care Basketball League season 2 was played by Kralupy Vs. Zatec and Plzen Vs. Prague Ballers. Each Team was strong-minded and finished the game that day with a positive spirit and good-naturedly played regardless of the probability of getting injured and could accidentally hurt while competing against opponents.

Thank you to all the players and the Teams who joined that day regardless of the weather condition and invested their time; some are outside Prague. Therefore, it required early travel to get to the League location promptly. To all the Teams, Pinoy Care appreciates your effort and participation.

At the end of the competition, the winners were happily pronounced. Pinoy Care proudly presented the rewards to those Teams who won Second Place, First Place, and the Champion of Pinoy Care Basketball League Season 2. In addition, Mytical five and season MVPs were rewarded by each Team as well as the best player of the game.

Trophy for the Champion, 1st Runner-up, 2nd Runner-up, and Best Player of the Season

Pinoy Care Basketball League Winners

The second prize winner has been rewarded to Zatec Boys with a cash prize of 5,000 Kc and a 2nd Runner-up plus Trophy. 

The first runner-up goes to Prague Ballers with a cash prize of 7,000 Kc, and the 1st runner-up plus a Trophy. 

And the Pinoy Care Basketball League Season 2 champion goes to Plzen with a cash prize of 10,000 Kc and a Champion Trophy.

PCBL: Cash Prize and Vouchers

Rewards: How Much is the Cash Prize?

The rewards are proudly given to those Teams and Players who merit  receive the prizes. The Five-Mytical grasped each Medal while the Best Players grasped each Trophy with vouchers.  The rewards are a 1-time voucher from Eyecom Travel worth 1,000 Kc for a trip to Budapest on May 27th, along with a few vouchers from Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage. Nonetheless, PCBL supplied a cash prize to the Champion of the basketball league worth 10,000 Kc with the champion Trophy, while the 1st Runner-up received 7,000 Kc plus trophy and 5,000 Kc was rewarded to the 2nd Runner-up with the trophy.

Although the cash prize is small for the Team winner, the award doesn’t quantity the cash prize. Instead, it is the idea of bringing the Filipino Community in one together despite the thousands of miles away from loved ones away from the Philippines. Therefore, to have fun, forget the work for just a day, and excel in our interest where Filipinos are vital in this sport. And the most crucial is that everyone feels the spirit of persistence, understanding, and determination to win for their team. Therefore, uniting in a group is the key to victory.

The Significance of Sponsors of PCBL?

Pinoy Care is respectfully thankful for all the PCBL rewards given by the various sponsors that helped the PCBL come into effect by contributing and sharing their blessings through cash and vouchers for the PCBL Teams and players. The Sponsors have had an enormous role in the PCBL to help and encourage our players (Kababayan) to form a Team on their own and to sprint in the Pinoy Care Basketball League season 2. Therefore, Pinoy Care is thankful for the generosity of each sponsor, and may the blessing continually pour on your businesses.

The Sponsors of PCBL Season 2

The Sponsors of Pinoy Care Basketball League Season 2 are the following,

Eden’s Garden Thai and Philippine Massage

RLC Residences (Robinsons Land Corporation)

Excel One

Mabuhay Tour

Pinoy Care Cz

EyeCom Travel

GTS Balikbayan Box

Ariel Funa Cleaning Services

Chatova Osada Jachta

RS Rimuru Snapshots

PCBL Committee

With the vast help of the Pinoy Care Committee, the Basketball League ended up in a smooth course and structure. Therefore, the PC Committee holds a decisive role in this organization. Each of the committee members has a function in this league. Thus, Pinoy Care is thankful for all the Committee members who offered their free time and effort from when the game started until the end. With their spontaneous service to the Filipino community under the hand of Pinoy Care, each Committee member did an awe-inspiring job of keeping the game going at peace, fair judgment, and, most of all, a fun sport. 

The Committee are the following,

AlphaJoshem Lhee

Ariel Kitane Funa

Billones Joey

Edmund Miranda

Ejay Doromal Agonias

Jal Mijn

Kim Diaz Campos

Marian Famoso Furton

Raymond B. Zamora

Venjo Billones

Pinoy Care Committee


To all the PCBL Season 2 Final games Referees, thank you for your time and effort in managing the court peacefully, promptly working on any team violation, and putting the court safe. Your effort and time are appreciated.

Pinoy Care also appreciated all the Kababayans who came, watched, and supported cheering each Team. Pinoy Care will continue to deliver and find a way to make the Filipino Community closer to creating a solid camaraderie with all the Kababayans through simple gatherings. Thank you to all the audience who opted to watch the Pinoy Care Basketball League. And Pinoy Care hopes to see you all again until the following season. Please stay tuned to this Pinoy Care website to keep updated, and see you again very soon for our next Filipino Community gathering brought to you by Pinoy Care.

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