Pinoy Care OFW

According to the Worldometer Elaboration of the latest United Nations data, the population of the Philippines is 113,524,704, with a total land area of 298,170 Km2 or 115,124sq miles. This land area is minimal, with over a hundred million population. In 2021 the Philippine Statistics Authority declared that 18.1% of Filipinos live beyond poverty and struggle to deliver their families’ basic needs due to insufficient income. Because of the over-ranging population, the higher poverty rate is high, many unemployed registries and the economy is crawling, and the impact of the poverty rate is outrageous. 

With the effect of poverty, many Filipinos opted to jump into a narrative that could sustain the need of their family member. This plot causes these Filipinos to roll the dice and take the chance to go abroad and become Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW.) There are 1.83 million OFWs around the globe. These OFWs face struggles with homesickness, and perhaps many have depression, anxiety, and agony while living abroad. Conversely, many OFWs may be financially stable, worse, or just enough to help their family in the Philippines.

Moreover, many OFWs step beyond their comfort zone. They are enthusiastic about taking risks to get the chance to supplement more than what they earn as an OFW, resulting in a successful journey despite all the daily impediments. The article stipulates about the success story of Kababayan OFW, which fought hard to be on top of financial stability, being successful entrepreneurs, workers, and heroes.

Diana Dela Paz founded Diana Stalder by Dermaline, also known as the former  Dermaline Facial Center. Diana started her journey from the bottom as a former OFW as a Domestic Helper in the United Kingdom back in 1988. While working as a helper, Diana spent her free time learning and collecting more skills to broaden her ability. Hence, she enrolled in a beauty training school where Diana developed skills and turned them into a business in the heart of London, where she flourished. 

In today’s time, Diana Stalder by Dermaline is one of the best and most roaring clinics in the Philippines. Diane Stalder by Dermaline endorses many local artists in the Philippines’ showbiz industries. Also, the company promotes healthy living and lifestyle. The Food Drug Administration (FDA) scrutinizes and approves the company’s products, which passed its regulations to produce and export them worldwide. Thus, Diana Stalder by Dermaline caters to various skincare issues that cure all skin problems and enhance skin therapies with certified dermatologist doctors.

Crew and Staff of Diane Stalder by Demaline

Diana Dela Paz became famous in the entrepreneurship industry, and in 2017 she won an award as the 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL FILIPINA IN THE WORLD in Toronto, Canada. Diana Dela Paz motivates many women as she is fearless enough to compete in the entrepreneurship industry; she stands up as a groundbreaker and is inspired by her society around the globe. 

“I am more motivated to encourage more people with my story – from my humble beginnings to the dazzling height of success.

May we all continue to work together, nurture and empower this unique group.” Diana Dela Paz-Stalder

It is clear enough that a woman can do whatever her hearts desire. With determination, focus put it into action, and faith, everything is possible.